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If you don't know what your'e doing. We recommend you to download the Full Client


1. Create a folder in "C:\ or D:\" and name it "Philippine Ragnarok Online"
    so it will look like this "C:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".

2. Now FIND your DATA.GRF and then COPY/PASTE it on the folder you created "C:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".

  • Question
  • - Where is my DATA.GRF?

  • Answer
  • - if you already have an installed Ragnarok Online or kRO on your computer, open the main RO folder and find     DATA.GRF, after that COPY/PASTE it on "C:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".

  • Question
  • - I don't have an installed Ragnarok Online in my Computer and i don't have the DATA.GRF

  • Answer
  • - Then you must download our Full Client or download the DATA.GRF
    - Click the data.grf image below to download.
    Warning! - You only need to download this if you don't have it.


    3. Finally you now have the DATA.GRF Inside the folder of "C:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".

    4. And also you have to Copy/Paste the BGM Folder too Inside the folder of "C:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".

    Proceed to STEP 2



    1. Download the Lite Patch installer here Choose any mirror, it doesn't matter what you choose.

    MediaFire Link Direct Link

    2. Run the installer and then choose the destination folder you created on STEP 1.
        - If you created a folder in C:\ then choose "C:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".
        - If you created a folder in D:\ then choose "D:\Philippine Ragnarok Online\".

    3. Click Next and wait for the installation to finish and after that check RUN "LITE_PATCH.EXE".

    4. Click the START button to update your client and get the Lite Patch. Wait for the patch to be completed.

    5. Now the Lite Patch Updater has been completed. Click the START button again to start the Ragnarok Patcher.

    6. And now the Ragnarok Patcher is running, Please wait for the ragnarok patch to be completed and after that click the START button and you are now ready to PLAY!

    Orc Warriors are constantly receiving 3 damage even though there is nothing around them? That is actually them coughing from all the cigars they smoke!
    You can allocate your status point easier with the shortcut command

    /str+ 99
    /int+ 99
    /dex+ 99
    /vit+ 99
    /luk+ 99
    /agi+ 99
    Spamming is not allowed in-game or you will get muted for 1 minute and adds another minute for every spam chat messages.
    You can easily put an item in a storage with a shortcut key ALT + RIGH CLICK, make sure that your storage is open.
    GMs will NEVER ask for your password and sites that are affiliated with Philippine Ragnarok Online.
    The Emperium has its own monster properties?

    Emperiums are Small Holy Angel MVP/Boss monsters.
    Bard/Dancer song effects last for a few seconds even after you leave the area affected by their skill?
    Magnum Break grants you additional Fire damage for a few seconds after you use the skill
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